Manti LDS Temple Weddings and Photography

There are so, so many reasons why you should consider Beehive Imagery if you or a loved one are about to be sealed in the Manti LDS Temple, or have another occasion where the Manti Temple would make the perfect location for your photo needs, such as a baptism, or even family photos.

When you book Beehive Imagery, you're dealing with a fully-staffed team, lead by multi-award-winning Manti-based photographer, Robert Stevens, whose decade of experience as a professional photojournalist, wedding/portrait and event photographer have given him and, by proxy of his training, his staff, the experience needed to do your photos at the Manti Temple justice.

Located less than a mile from the Temple itself, you are dealing with TRUE locals, who have spent decades in the presence of this heavenly structure, all the while honing their craft to ensure they make you and your loved ones look their best, and your photos stand apart in an already saturated photo market.

Call us now at 435-749-4578 to book your photography session at the Manti LDS Temple.